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At- Home Pet Euthanasia
Compassionate Pet Euthanasia At Home

One of the best acts of love & kindness that you can give to your beloved pet is the gift of being able to say goodbye to them in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the people who love & care the most about them. Urban Tails provides humane and compassionate in home pet euthanasia so that your best friend can remain in the comfort of your home through the end of their life.

We know that It’s never easy talking about a beloved pet when it’s time for their passing and we promise to be understanding and compassionate when discussing this end of life decision. We also take into consideration you and your family’s values and beliefs and respect your wishes during this difficult time.

The Process


When you call Urban Tails, we will speak with you about the home pet Euthanasia process and can answer any questions that you might have. We can set up a consultation at your home, so that we can discuss quality of life and whether the time is right. If you have already made your final decision, we can set up an appointment for euthanasia.

Please be assured that the final decision is yours to make and we will be there to assist and guide you through the whole process.

Arrival to Your Home

We will come to your home and meet with you and your pet. We will have you sign some brief paperwork and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If you wish, we can perform a brief exam and consult regarding your pet’s quality of life to help guide you with this difficult decision.

Pet Sedation

If you wish, we can provide you with mild sedatives and/or analgesics which you can give to your pet the night before, morning of or when we arrive at your home. Some pets may be anxious or have chronic or acute pain and we want them to be comfortable & pain free during this process.

Placement of an IV Catheter

We understand that when it’s time to administer the final euthanasia solution, it is very important to ensure proper IV access and so we always place an IV catheter. This also allows you to spend more time with your pet, before the anesthetic is given and be ready when you feel it’s time.

Anesthetic for Comfort prior to Pet Euthanasia

Our doctor will give an anesthetic to your pet prior to administering the euthanasia solution. If you wish, you may spend some extra time with your pet during this time prior to saying goodbye. This will allow them to rest comfortably and not feel any fear or discomfort during the final process.

Pet Euthanasia

After your pet is resting comfortably, and you are ready, the doctor will administer the euthanasia solution. This is usually a painless & peaceful process. We will monitor your pet and let you know when they have passed.

If you wish to have  pet euthanasia services done outside of your home at another facility, our doctor is able to perform pet euthanasia’s on site at Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services, at no additional cost to you.

Please contact us for more information.

After Care

After your beloved pet has passed, it is just as important that they be treated with the utmost respect and dignity through any after care process. There are several options we can discuss with you when it’s time to say goodbye & you can be sure that we will be by your side every step of the way.

Pet Cremation & Memorials

Urban Tails uses Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services for cremation services. They offer a number of beautiful keepsakes & memorials as well as services to honor your best friend such as a candlelight memorial, planting of trees & flowers and eulogy readings. We can discuss these after care options with you in your home during your final time with your pet or over the phone if you wish.

We can also transport your beloved pet to Lasting Paws Pet Memorial for aftercare.

Home Burial

If you own property and your area allows for it, you may elect for home burial. We can assist you with any arrangements to make this process easier.

When Your Pet Passes At Home

In the event that your pet passes on their own, at home, you can contact us and we can guide you through your options in the after-care process.

For additional information or questions, please feel free to call us- we will be happy to assist you with these needs during this difficult time.

We will always treat your pet with the utmost respect during every step of this process and ensure that through after-care, they are treated with dignity.

Compassionate & respectful in home euthansia
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