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What Makes Urban Tails So Unique
Providing the Best In-Home Veterinary Care

At Urban Tails, we believe pets are like family and it’s important that whether it’s routine mobile vet checkups, if they are sick, or when it’s time for end of life decisions, that they be in the least stressful and most relaxing environment- your home. We are able to provide most comprehensive mobile veterinary services that you would otherwise receive at a general day practice, in the comfort of your home.


Some other great aspects of receiving mobile veterinary services from us at home are:

  • The convenience that WE bring excellent veterinary care to YOU! This is great for anyone, especially busy individuals, families and elderly who may not want to drive to a veterinary clinic for most preventative & medical needs.

  • If you have a nervous or anxious pet, an immunocompromised pet (weak immune system), a pet who is geriatric or a pet that has other medical issues preventing them from being able to move around easily, you no longer have to worry about bringing them to a brick and mortar building for most routine, preventative & medical care as we provide veterinary house calls. 

  • When your pet is relaxed and comfortable, it allows for more accurate vitals, pain assessments and overall examinations. 

  • You get personal attention and interactions with Dr. Alex who is the mobile veterinarian, always, and more time than you ever would with the doctor than in a clinic environment. 

  • We are able to see your pet in their own natural environment, which provides huge benefits when coming up with treatment recommendations and meeting behavioral & environmental enrichment needs.

  • We can reduce or eliminate stress all around- between you and your pet, allowing for a more enjoyable experience!

Why Choose a Fear Free Certified Professional

Being a Certified Fear Free Professional, Dr. Alex has the knowledge and techniques to bring at-home veterinary care to a whole other level. He and his team will ensure that every pet is treated in a stress-free manner to reduce & eliminate fear, anxiety and other stressors that may still occur at home and often can be associated with veterinary care. Our goal is to ensure you and your pet have a positive experience, while providing them with the best care possible.


At Urban Tails, we combine all the benefits of in home mobile veterinary services with the skills and knowledge of creating a fear free environment. We strive to touch on these key points:

  • Reduce or eliminate the stress response associated with many medical treatments and procedures by using a combination of understanding body language and using techniques to help calm and relax your pet.


  • Making sure your pet is comfortable during exams, treatments and procedures so that they can receive the most thorough evaluation and care needed.


  • Using positive reinforcement techniques throughout each vet house call visit, in order to create & maintain a great relationship with you and your pet for all of their veterinary needs.


  • Help enrich the lives of your pets, overall, by providing information and tools for you to reduce and eliminate stressors your pet may experience daily at home or when having to travel.


  • Using a more natural approach along with gentle techniques and handling during every visit- your pet’s wellbeing is our main focus.

You can learn more about fear free techniques and certification here through the Fear Free program!

Fear Free Pets- Taking the Pet out of Petrified

With our team's vast knowledge of general practice, emergency and specialty medicine combined with fear-free knowledge & techniques in your home environment, you can be sure to receive the best possible mobile veterinary care.

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