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Medical Care

With Urban Tails mobile veterinary services, we are able to provide many of the same evaluations done at a clinic but with a much better experience for our patients.


Evaluations & treatments for medical issues ranging from:

  • Vomiting & diarrhea

  • Eye & ear conditions

  • Urinary & excessive thirst concerns

  • Weight and appetite abnormalities

  • Skin and hair coat issues including treatments for allergies & evaluations of various lumps and bumps

  • Weakness, arthritis and other pain & neurological related problems

  • Workups for various medical conditions including diabetes, thyroid conditions, heart problems, kidney & liver problems and more


We offer second opinion exams and consultations

Post-Operative Care:  we can provide care for pets that have undergone surgery (orthopedic or soft tissue) in order to perform bandage changes, monitor progress, & assist with pain control & management with the goal of optimizing their recovery. We can also coordinate these visits with the doctor who performed the procedure.

Sick bulldog needs some veternary care

When necessary, Dr. Alex will refer to a specialist for further evaluation and care. We strive to maintain a strong relationship with specialists in Colorado Springs and will work with them through every step of your pet’s care.

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