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5 Coolest Pet Costumes 2019

As we approach the holiday season, everyone begins preparing their most creative and fun costume ideas for not only themselves, but their pets as well. Here are some of the best pet costumes from around the web.


1. Mother of dragons (And the dragons)

The first on this list is a group costume. These dogs are sporting the dragon costume to compliment their owner's costume from Game of Thrones. These fierce dragons are ready for anything.


2. Pennywise (IT)

All dogs float down here. This costume taps into our deep fear of clowns with Pennywise from 'It'. The addition of the balloon just completes this costume, very cute!


3. Deer

Simplicity can sometimes be a strength, and this simple costume is definitely one of the most creative costumes so far. It doesn't take too much to sell this one as a cute deer.


4. Shower Sponge

I always called these 'Shower floofs', but the proper term is debatable. This dog looks clean as can be. Lets hope he gets a spa treatment after sporting this amazing costume!


5. Ghostbuster

who you gonna call? This dog right here. Busting ghosts is no match for any dog dressed in a costume this good.


Want to keep your pet safe for Halloween this year? Make sure you check out this article from Vetstreet about ways to care for your fuzzy friend this Halloween:

Happy Halloween!

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