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Surgical, Dental & Radiology

Through our partnership with Apex College of Veterinary Technology, Urban Tails offers select surgical, dental and radiology services outside of your home. With their state of the art equipment, surgical suite and radiology area, we are able to provide a high standard of care throughout all procedures. 

We also facilitate transport of your pets for you, to and from the facility where these services will be done.


Your pet will be cared for by Dr. Alex and an experienced, dedicated Veterinary Technician from prior to surgery, through the entire procedure and into recovery. We are constantly ensuring that we are up to date on all the latest anesthetic and surgical protocols so that we can provide your pet with the safest possible care during all procedures. 


You will be provided with a surgical treatment plan at your in-home visit with us, where we can discuss the procedure and options. Please contact us for more information.


Our General Anesthesia Procedures:

  • Spays

  • Neuters

  • Full mouth dental cleanings & polishings including full mouth radiographs

  • Other dental procedures including extractions and bond & sealants for uncomplicated crown fractures


**General anesthesia procedures always include a pre-op evaluation, labwork, IV catheter, IV fluids and monitoring throughout including: ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), CO2 output (ETCO2), blood pressure & temperature.


Our Sedation Procedures:

  • Small laceration repairs

  • Small mass or lump removals

  • Other minor procedures


**Sedation procedure always include flow by oxygen, IV catheter and monitoring throughout.


Our Radiology Procedures:

  • Abdominal, thoracic, orthopedic & other specialty radiographs

Your pet will always be handled and cared for in a gentle, stress- free manner

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